Advantage Natural

here are several advantages and benefits that our clients receive when they decide to outsource their project to NSCS.  Apart from the fact that NSCS brings a unique mix of credentials, expertise and technical knowledge to the table; the offering is further made attractive by the ATTITUDE of NSCS’s personnel and their unflagging commitment to “Customer Satisfaction”


We firmly believe that alignment of IT strategy and business strategy is the key to success. While most IT companies are able to provide resources on technological side, quite a few do not realize the importance of having domain experts as an integral part of the software project team. Our philosophy of allocating domain/industry experts to every project had proved to be one which has resulted in significant improvements in the software we have developed and have added to the value we have imparted to our clients thru our delivery.


NSCS’s delivery model and infrastructure permit projects to be scalable. Rapid ramp up capabilities ensure that project timelines can be met without recourse to project over-run. Our infrastructure facilities are also geared to meet demands of our clients to scale up as and when required with minimal lead time.


NSCS offers a number of engagement models to its clients. We can take up projects on Time and Material basis, on fixed cost basis and in several hybrid models. This gives our clients the flexibility to choose whatever option suits them best.


NSCS has a wealth of experience of having worked on a number of domains. We have worked for clients in a number of industries and have the capability to address clients in a number of industries. This gives us the advantage of being able to service not only large corporation but also diversified corporate conglomerates.