eHR is a customizable and  easy to use web based application covering the entire life cycle of an employee from Recruitment to Resignation or Retirement. eHR offers various modules like  Recruitment Management System, Human Resource information system (HRIS), Employee self service (ESS), Leave and Attendance Management, Complete Payroll Management along with Taxation management up to Form 16, Claims and reimbursement management, Appraisal Management System, Training management system, Travel management, Time sheet management and many more…….

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CoBaSys CBS is an innovative solution for the Banking Industry. It is Web based  Core Banking Solution.

CoBaSys CBS is platform and database independent system giving the freedom to be deployed on any operating system and database. CoBaSys CBS is built on 3 tier web architecture. It is built on scalable technology with robust functionality. It supports a range of retail banking and wholesale commercial banking activities. It also offers rich functionality in its Customer Information System.

CoBaSys CBS has been designed to be fully secure, flexible and highly parameterized package. It incorporates security features with access rights defined for every user.

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BI Software offers an integrated business intelligence platform that provides consistent, accurate information based on a comprehensive view of the business. BI reporting supports all decision making task or executive support system by collecting and collaborating facts and figures into a single informative report. Good reporting software can accommodate extensive users and has the ability to connect to various data sources.
BI Solution, an end to end Business Intelligence solution in Banking, right from data extraction, integration to delivering actionable, collaborative and web based reports to multiple business users across the whole enterprise.
By integrating data from across your enterprise and delivering self-service reporting and analysis, IT spends less time responding to requests and business users spend less time looking for information. BI Solution also offers an integrated, robust and flexible presentation layer for the all integrated within the business context for better, faster decision making. BI Solution provides tailored, role-based interfaces targeted at specific audiences, skills and needs.

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